April 5, 2017

It’s Spring! Time to frolic.

Danielle Kroll - Cloud Lambs

tattoo flash

February 4, 2017

Flash Me an exhibit of tattoo flash sheets opens tonight in Brooklyn! My artwork tells the story of the beginning of Earth and has an accompanying poem which you can read below.

Select artwork from the flash sheets will be available for on-site tattooing. $60 for small and $125 for large.

 Saturday February 4th, 7-10pm at Cooler Gallery. The show will be open until the 24th if you can’t make it tonight.

danielle kroll - tattoo flash

danielle kroll

brooklyn museum

January 26, 2017

danielle kroll

Sketchbook drawings from the Brooklyn Museum’s Infinite Blue Exhibit.

weekend sketchbook

September 13, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Swartswood Lake

I spent Labor Day weekend hanging out at my friend’s house on Swartswood Lake, NJ. I did a few drawings from their dock and while kayaking around the lake. There are no motorboats allowed so it’s very peaceful there. And the sunsets…. amazing. I’m not really a huge fan of summer but I felt like this one came and went before I even got a break for a piña colada! I’m looking forward to the fall breeze coming through. It’s perhaps my favorite thing about living around here.

pine berries

August 25, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Pine Berries


August 22, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Clovers

Ladies Drawing Night

August 10, 2016

Last night I packed up a bag full of art supplies and headed to a Ladies Drawing Night in Brooklyn. Myself and a lovely group of lady illustrators spent the evening outside with twinkle lights, wine and plenty of flowers, which is what we were drawing.  Also did you know there’s a Ladies Drawing Night book coming out next week? I make a cameo in one of the chapters about drawing on location.

Check out my drawings from last night here and preorder this amazing book here!

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

Toot toot

August 5, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Toot toot

Toot toot!

Flowers and Fences

August 3, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Flowers and FencesDKroll_Flowers-Fences_02

Flowers and Fences

Living in Brooklyn, you don’t really see the most beautiful foliage. But I find that the tiny neighborhood rose gardens in Greenpoint are enough to keep me at ease.


August 2, 2016

Danielle Kroll - Stretch Relax