tattoo flash

February 4, 2017

Flash Me an exhibit of tattoo flash sheets opens tonight in Brooklyn! My artwork tells the story of the beginning of Earth and has an accompanying poem which you can read below.

Select artwork from the flash sheets will be available for on-site tattooing. $60 for small and $125 for large.

 Saturday February 4th, 7-10pm at Cooler Gallery. The show will be open until the 24th if you can’t make it tonight.

danielle kroll - tattoo flash

danielle kroll

Ladies Drawing Night

August 10, 2016

Last night I packed up a bag full of art supplies and headed to a Ladies Drawing Night in Brooklyn. Myself and a lovely group of lady illustrators spent the evening outside with twinkle lights, wine and plenty of flowers, which is what we were drawing.  Also did you know there’s a Ladies Drawing Night book coming out next week? I make a cameo in one of the chapters about drawing on location.

Check out my drawings from last night here and preorder this amazing book here!

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

Danielle Kroll - Ladies Drawing Night flowers

July 12, 2016

Our second Beech Hall collection, CABANA, is here! If you remember, our first collection was inspired by Ancient Egypt. We wanted to go in a completely different direction and explore the tropics for this one. We found inspiration in 1950′s Cuba, Art Deco Miami, Island living and jungle vibes. Check out some of my favorite pieces below and view the full collection online here!

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

CABANA Memory Game

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Siesta Art Print

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Breeze Bowl

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Toucan Art Print

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Lina Wall Planter


Jaguar Leaf Cushion


Pillow pile and Canopy Vase

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Fruta Art Print

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Breeze Platter

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall - CABANA

Washout Waves Cushion

Instagram Stories

February 24, 2016

Danielle Kroll

Check it out! I’m so excited to share that my instagram (along with a nice little interview) is featured on Lonny!

Sometimes I get insecure about my instagram. Being able to share something instantly is both amazing and terrifying. What if no one likes it or what if someone likes it too much and steals it?? I get a little anxiety every time I go to post something. But I’ve come to the realization that while it’s less stressful to keep my artwork to myself, it’s much more rewarding to share it with others. It’s natural to feel insecure about sharing something. But how can you expect to grow as an artist (and as a person) if you hide everything great about yourself under a rock?

Some of my favorite snaps from the past year below :)

Danielle Kroll - instagram

Beech Hall

October 14, 2015

Well, I’ve been a little (a lot) busy lately! Mostly because I’ve been working on launching a new web shop with two of my friends from art school. We’ve been working on Beech Hall for almost a year and are finally ready to share what we’ve made!

Our first collection was inspired by Ancient Egypt and is comprised of home goods, ceramics, and jewelry. I had so much fun making textiles and ceramics for this collection and even have some of my illustrations on jewelry, which is so cool to see! All of my ceramic pieces are one of a kind and won’t be made again.

View the lookbook here and shop the collection here.

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall

King Tut Vase / Egyptian Pineapple Candlestick Holder / Cleo Vase


Buried With Treasure Vase

Danielle Kroll - Beech Hall

Map to the Mummy Jug


Painted Plates – Set No. 1


Platter No. 3


Topsy Turvy – original painting


Simple Bird Studs / Mummy Cat Necklace / Hiero BangleDKroll_BeechHall_07

Hiero Pillow – black on cream

New Prints

June 25, 2015

I have some new prints up at Buddy Editions! I was inspired by the warm weather, tropical colors, and care-free living. Hope you enjoy!

Danielle Kroll - Cheetah Leisure

Cheetah Leisure

Danielle Kroll - Elephants Having a Blast

Elephants Having a Blast

Danielle Kroll - Marine Menagerie

Marine Menagerie

Anniversary Card

June 16, 2015

Danielle Kroll - Anniversary Card

An anniversary card I made for Papyrus last year. The inside text says, “I love how we’re equal in every way (except shelf space)” haah! The physical version is layered with cut paper and rainbow foil! Check it out.

Mother’s Day Cards

April 28, 2015

Danielle Kroll - Paper Vase

Danielle Kroll - Paper Vase

Danielle Kroll - Paper Vase

Mother’s Day is around the bend! I created some illustrated vases to hold these gorgeous paper flowers that Brittany made. You can download the templates and make some paper flower arrangements of your own over at The House That Lars Built.

Fresh Foods

April 24, 2015

Danielle Kroll - Fresh Food

Danielle Kroll - Fresh Food

These are some paintings I did last year. They are making me excited for the farm fresh fruits and vegetables that are right around the corner!

Also, Frankie Magazine was kind enough to select me for an artist interview. You can read it here.

Yaey it’s Friday!

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2015

Danielle Kroll - Nature's Day

Danielle Kroll - Nature's Day

Danielle Kroll - Nature's Day

Danielle Kroll - Nature's Day

Danielle Kroll - Nature's Day

These are some pages from the Spring section of Nature’s Day. It must have been my favorite section to illustrate in this book as there is just so much beauty and life in Spring! The book was just released in March and hearing all the positive feedback has really warmed my heart. You can find a copy of your own here.

After that looong winter I’m even more grateful for the blooms and blossoms on the trees around New York right now. I hope you all have a very Happy Earth Day!